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The Island of Misfit Toys

Peter went fishing'.

David stole a glance... and then...

Moses killed a guy.

Abraham lived south of Babylon ... that’s on the wrong side of the tracks.

Jacob was a liar and a cheat.

Gideon was a self-professed wimp ... sissy ... scaredy-cat!

Joseph, while flaunting his rainbow-colored coat, arrogantly bragged about his dreams of being worshipped.

Thomas couldn’t ... wouldn’t believe.

Elijah was so depressed that he considered suicide.

There are plenty of other sad examples...

Samson was a womanizer.

Jonah went A.W.O.L...

Mary Magdalene had been demon-possessed ... not by one measly demon, but by seven.

Saul of Tarsus, filled with self-righteous hatred, had persecuted the church by beating, imprisoning, and murdering.

You’re not so bad after all! Or, maybe you are!

Saul, wrote of himself, “I’m the chief of sinners!” And, “I’m not qualified to be called an Apostle!”

He was right, of course. But, mark my words, I’m also chief... You too?

You may think that you're disqualified for God’s service because you’re a little short on raw talent, or because of bad decisions and misdeeds. But God seems to have a different opinion. Indeed, He doesn’t just call the talented, qualified, and almost always perfectly perfect, but He graciously equips those He invites into His service.

We all belong on the Island of Misfit Toys! (You don’t remember Rudolph? Trust me.) We’re all broken ... Rejects! Losers! Throwaways! Duds!

But God sees us differently. He sees us as ... Loved! Forgiven! Chosen! Redeemed!

So, don’t refuse to be used by God because you’re just ... you. God will do an amazing thing in your life if you’ll let Him!

On the other hand, don’t forget that you’re just ... you. God has done an amazing thing in your life! Don’t forget it!


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