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SoGo Bible Club

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SoGo Bible Club

Every Thursday afternoon after school, a group meets at South Georgia Elementary for SoGo Bible Club! 

 in grades 1-5 gather for a snack, a Bible story in small groups, games, and other activities! 

The Gospel of Jesus is made clear every week! 

Bible Club dismisses at 4:30. 

For more events, updates, and photos, visit the SoGo Bible Club Facebook Page!

SoGo Bible Club

To see frequent updates, pictures, videos, and more, follow SoGo Bible Club on Facebook





Gospel Symbols - Header.png

The ultimate goal of SoGo Bible Club is to point children to The Gospel!

The Gospel is the GOOD NEWS that God saves sinners through the life, death, and resurrection of his Son, Jesus! A fuller telling of The Gospel is available HERE.

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