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Moses, my hero

Moses was ten feet tall and bullet proof! He was a super-hero ... more than a mere man ... or, so it seems to me.

Remember, it was Moses who threw down his walking stick. When it became a serpent, Moses grabbed it by the tail! What a man!

Moses held that same stick over the Red Sea, and the Israelites watched as the waters divided, revealing the super expressway leading to safety.

And he used that same walking stick to break open a mountain-sized stone. Breaking the rock was pretty great, but what happened next was even better. Out of that broken boulder, an artesian well bubbled and gurgled and gushed... water for the thirsty multitudes.

Bring it on Batman... you wouldn’t last ten minutes in a fight with my man!

Moses fasted for forty days, while seeking God on the heights of Sinai.

And at the end of his illustrious life, Moses rode off into the sunset, and God buried him on Mount Nebo, overlooking the Land of Promise.

If I’d been the author of Hebrews 11, I would have written it much differently. There are so many events in the life of Moses that I would have mentioned.

But, inspired by God, the author of the Hall of Faith says, “Moses ... refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter.”

Moses’ faith is celebrated because he refused to sit on Egypt’s throne...

He refused to have his name written on some forgotten Egyptian tomb. “Here lies the mummy of Moses.”

Moses refused to live in luxury and worldly wealth enjoying everything ... I mean everything... that money can buy. By faith, he traded Egypt’s gold for God’s glory.

Moses is enshrined in the Hall of Faith because he refused the treasures and pleasures of this world and chose “rather to be mistreated with the people of God.”

Moses is a man of exemplary faith because he decided to follow God! He is written in the Hall of Faith, not because of what he did, but for what he refused to do.

Moses refused... he humbled... he sacrificed... as an example of great faith.


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