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Holy Week ... Saturday

Where did he go? What did he do? I wish we knew the details! What happened to him on the Saturday of Holy Week? What’s the story?

In the Bible, there are so many stories that seem to be left untold.

What happened to Blind Bartimaeus when Jesus left him sitting beside that road just outside of Jericho? What did he see first?

And the crippled man whose four friends carried him to Jesus... when he folded up his bed and skipped out, where did he go? Did he go immediately and help carry another friend to Jesus?

I hope so!

So... how about Barabbas? That’s what I really want to know! Where did he go on the Saturday of Holy Week? Surely, he didn’t go rob a convenience store!

He was a murder, a robber, and an insurrectionist. He had been held in prison awaiting his death sentence. He deserved execution by crucifixion!

But as Jesus stood before Pilate early on Friday morning, Jesus took the cross and Barabbas walked out a free man! Barabbas knew that Jesus died so that he could live. Barabbas knew!

The story is told in Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23 and John 18... at least part of the story is told... But, I wonder, what happened next?

If someone saved my life by freely offering their life in return, I don’t think that I would ever be able to completely express my gratitude! I’d never forget! Indeed, I would worship Him!

How about Barabbas? Hum?

I’d like to believe that on a sunny day about a billion years from now, I’ll get to swap stories with a first century fellow named Barabbas who shares my love for Jesus, the One who freely died on our cross! I hope so!


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