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Jesus complemented the Gentile Mother, saying, “Woman, your faith is great!” (Matthew 15:28). She wasn’t a member of Abraham’s race. She likely hadn’t attended synagogue school as a child, nor been taught to live according to the Old Testament laws. Yet, after watching and listening to her hopeful persistence, Jesus spoke to the foreigner with words of high praise. “Your faith is great!”


Jesus also complemented the faith of a Roman Centurion. “Amazed” … Jesus said, “I tell you, I have not found so great a faith even in Israel” (Luke 7:9).


The Centurion was the leader of the Roman military stationed on the northwestern shores of Galilee where Jesus had been actively healing every kind of sickness and infirmity. “When the centurion heard about Jesus, he sent some Jewish elders to him, requesting him to come and save the life of his servant. When they reached Jesus, they pleaded with him earnestly, saying, ‘He is worthy for you to grant this, because he loves our nation and has built us a synagogue’ ” (Luke 7:3-5).


The Officer was a man of power and prestige. Yet on this day, the Centurion wasn’t barking orders. In fact, when Jesus was near the home, the Centurion sent word. “I am not worthy to have you come under my roof. But just say the word, and my servant will be healed. For I too am a man under authority, having soldiers under my command. I say to this one, ‘Go,’ and he goes; and to another, ‘Come,’ and he comes; and to my servant, ‘Do this!’ and he does it” (Matthew 8:8-9). The Centurion believed that his servant would be restored to perfect health at the Master’s command.


That’s when Jesus complemented the man’s great faith. “I tell you, I have not found so great a faith even in Israel” (Luke 7:9).


Wouldn’t you like to know what became of the Centurion and his servant? Someday we’ll know the rest of the story.


“… think on these things” (Philippians 4:8, KJV).


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