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The Bright Morning Star

Did you ever start reading a great book, a good who-done-it mystery ... You couldn’t help yourself... you flipped to the last page?

I invite you to flip to the last page of the Bible with me! Read the last chapter in the last book. Read the twenty-second chapter of The Revelation. Turn to the back page and read Jesus’ final words. They are printed in red letters...

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end... I, Jesus ... I am the Root and descendant of David, the bright morning star” (Revelation 22:13, 16, CSB).

Those first to read John’s Revelation were Greek speaking. The first and last letters of their alphabet were alpha and omega. Jesus says, I am the A and Z ...

Jesus declared His divinity. He is One with His Father, Creator! In the beginning, He said, “Let there be...” He’s also the One who will bring all things to an end. He’ll draw the curtain on the final act! He is the A and the Z, the beginning and the end!

He is sovereign. He is eternal. He is all-powerful and all-knowing. He is unlimited. He wrote the introduction, and He has already written the last chapter!

Jesus, 100% God, is also 100% man. He was the root of David. That is, He breathed life into David. At the same time, Jesus is a descendant of David! With Jesus, there are no limitations! He was before, and He came after!

Then Jesus concludes, “I am the Bright Morning Star!”

On the first day of creation, when “darkness covered” the earth, God proclaimed, “Let there be light!” God Almighty pushed back the dark, exposing the “Light of the World” (John 8:12).

Someone said, “It is darkest just before the dawn.” It’s pretty dark out there this morning... Corona virus ... millions unemployed ... riots and racial unrest ... broken homes and broken lives ... its dark, dark!

But look there ... on the distant horizon ... the bright morning star!

He’s coming, bringing with Him the promise of a glorious new day!

In the last chapter, on the last page, the last red letters read, ‘“Yes, I am coming soon!” (Revelation 22:20, CSB).

Are you ready?


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