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Holy Week ... Tuesday

Holy Week ...

On Sunday, Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem.

On Monday, Jesus did the much-needed spring cleaning in His Father’s house.

On Tuesday, Jesus did something totally unpredictable, and at first glance, something out of character. Jesus cursed a fig tree, making it wither immediately. Huh?

Jesus did lots of miracles, but this is the only time that Jesus used a miracle to curse and not bless... the only time He used his miraculous powers to destroy and not restore.


Jesus had left the city and was returning to Jerusalem in the morning. He was hungry, and apparently the bagel shop wasn’t open. A fresh fig would make a fine breakfast, but the fig tree was fruitless. No breakfast! So, Jesus zapped it... dead!

Mark reminds us that it wasn’t the season for figs. So, why kill the tree?

Jesus was teaching a lesson ... a warning that we must heed!

The fig tree looked healthy with a great crop of beautiful green leaves ... but no fruit. Similarly, the religious leaders looked ... well, religious. They looked the part! They talked a good talk but failed when it came to walking the walk! They were religious, but fruitless.

Jesus said the high-muckety-mucks of Judaism were like whitewashed tombs. On the outside they were spit-shined and polished, but on the inside, they were filled with death and decay. (Matthew 23:27)

Under all the green leaves, is your life bearing fruit that brings glory to Christ Jesus? Are we spending our energies trying to make ourselves look good, or are we working to make Jesus attractive ... famous?

Jesus gave us clear directions: “I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, bears much fruit.” (John 15:5, ESV)

Holy week ... Tuesday ... Be connected to Jesus! Abide! Bear fruit!


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