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Facing the Giants

Standing on the banks of the Jordan River, God gave His people a pep-talk. Soon, they would cross the Jordan to begin a generation-long battle for the land that God had promised. Deuteronomy’s ninth chapter records the speech. It’s Moses talking, but the words are God’s.

“They are greater and stronger ... strong and tall!” The cities are fortified, and the giants are giant! (Thanks for the warning!)

Forty-years earlier their ancestors had seen the tribes of the Anakim people... the giants. The twelve spies reported, “The people that we saw are of great height ... we seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them.” (Numbers 13:32-33, ESV)

Are there giants today?

Allow me to take a literary leap... There is a giant living around the corner. His name is Covid. (I wonder if he’s 19?) He’s nasty. He’s a bully. He’s a giant.

By the way, Mr. Covid has lots of cousins. There’s a whole tribe of them!

Listen to Moses.

God is bigger! He will go “ahead of you as a consuming fire!” And “the Lord your God will drive them out!”

We are powerless against this enemy. Admit it ... it’s true!

My John Wayne bravado ... my can-do attitude ... my just-do-it arrogance... nope! We can’t do this on our own. We’ve got to trust God with this one!

So, let me leave you with a few suggestions.

God may have slowed us down so that we will look up! Spend time reading God’s Word. It’s comforting! It’s encouraging! It’s true!

Seek God! Pray! He’s listening... and waiting.

Encourage one another. Call a friend. We may be quarantined, but we don’t have to endure it alone.

Lastly, trust God. We may be facing the giants, but God is always able.


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