My Kid is a Christian. Now What?

You were so excited when Jesus saved your kid – and rightly so!

They heard the Good News, and God moved them to believe in Him! They stood before others and boldly announced their new faith! They joyfully went through the baptismal waters! They were saved!

But now what? Your kid is a Christian, but is there something that happens now?

Yes. Your child is now a disciple – a lifelong follower – of Jesus! How can you know if your kid is growing as a disciple of Jesus? Ask these questions to help you evaluate the spiritual life of the new believer in your house.

Are they reading the Bible?

Do they have an increasing interest in God’s Word? Do they carry it with them all the time? Do they share what they’re learning from it?

If not, how can you help them want to study the Bible? Are you modeling Bible study for them? Are you involving them in family Bible study? Are you challenging them to memorize verses?

Your born-again child should desire more and more to know what the God who saved them says to them!

Are they excited about church?

Your saved kid now is a full member of a local church body! Is attending church a joyful part of their week? Are they able to serve (or help serve) in some capacity at church? Is your child building friendships with fellow church members – even among those who are not their age?

Kids who believe in Jesus will love His Bride, the church.

Are they eager to tell others about Jesus?

Have they been unashamed to tell someone else about how God saved them? Maybe about their baptism? Do they understand that the Good News they believe is Good News for others?

Your kids need to be challenged to rearrange their lives so they can live on mission.

As we ask these questions of our kids, we should ask them of ourselves, too. Jesus is better than just a one-time salvation experience; He should be transforming us each day!

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