What Your Teenager Needs (And Doesn't Need) From the Local Church

Your teenagers might think they need a lot things. A cell phone. A boyfriend or girlfriend. Gas money. Less responsibility

Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.

But what do they need from your church? Here are some suggestions:

Your teenager needs deep Gospel teaching. They need to hear – again and again, from every glorious angle – the best Good News, that Jesus died for their sin. That Jesus saves them. They need rich, biblical doctrine about sin and repentance and substitutionary atonement and sanctification, all centered on who Jesus is and what He has done!

Your teenager doesn’t need “do this” and “don’t do that” lessons on morality. They don’t need light teaching on topics that might seem “relevant” to them. They don’t need “you can do it!” talks – they need “Jesus alone did everything you need” Bible studies. They need the Gospel!

Your teenager needs to interact with other members of the church. They need to belong to a community of believers, including their own peers – but also including fellow believers of various stages of life.

Your teenager doesn’t need to be segregated. They don’t need to be tucked away in a corner of the church campus with little chance to know those who are younger or older than them. They need to truly belong to the church.

Your teenager needs opportunities to serve and go on mission. They need real ways to contribute to the Kingdom of God, both in the local church and in the world.

Your teenager doesn’t need the church to entertain them. They need the church to equip them.

Your teenager is seeking purpose and meaning in life. Jesus offers to give them a lifelong mission, loving others and spreading the Gospel! Your teenager can do that even now.

Bring your teenager to church – and pray that they will receive exactly what they need!

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