The Love of God

Love is the trending word of the week.

Valentine’s Day means sweethearts and red roses and so much happy-gushy-lovey love.

So, since love seems to be the theme this time of year, here are four simple thoughts on the best love, God’s love.

God’s love is fully on display in the Gospel of Jesus.

God’s love is evident in everyday, common occurrences. After all, He is love (I John 4:8). But His love is never more clear than in the person and work of His Son, Jesus (John 3:16, Romans 5:8).

If you need to know the love of God, behold Jesus.

If you have convinced yourself that God’s love is partial or unable to reach you, behold Jesus.

If you think God’s love for you has for some reason lessened or been withdrawn, behold Jesus.

God already has demonstrated the greatest extent of His love for us. In love, God sent a Substitute, Jesus, to blot out your sin by His death and offer to make you a new creation through His resurrection! That’s love.

God’s love is unexpected.

No one deserves the love of God. In fact, you and I deserve the opposite (Romans 6:23a).

We are not lovely or lovable. Ruined by sin, we are not able to earn God’s love. God certainly didn’t need to love us; His love has no deficiency.

And so for God to set His saving love on us is an unexpected sort of love. A staggeringly wonderful sort of love. The sort of love that no one else offers. Love beyond explanation.

God’s love is enough.

When you know and receive the love of God, then you need no other love. His love satisfies you completely (Psalm 107:8-9).

In the love of God, you are adopted and kept. You are approved. The love of God frees you from the power of sin. God’s love provides certain hope. His love is patient. It sustains you.

All other loves fail. Not the love of God.

God’s love transforms.

The love of God doesn’t shrug at your sin and overlook your disobedient tendencies. It doesn’t excuse your selfishness. God doesn’t say, “I love you so much, you can do whatever you want.” No.

His love remakes us.

God’s love is effective – it is poured into our hearts (Romans 5:5) and sanctifies us. It moves us to speak love and act in love and give love to others.

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