A Prayer for Christmas Morning

Father, it’s a happy day! It’s Christmas morning, and that means plenty of joy.

We rejoice because You came to us. Though You are God eternal – and though we are ruined by sin and death-bound – You arrived here with blood vessels and skin and lungs. And, even more, You arrived here ready to save us!

What an incomprehensible miracle, God Incarnate stoops to Earth with grace upon grace. We praise You!

This morning, would you set our attention on Good News that is of great joy for all people? Jesus, You’re here and You’re full of salvation! It is a merry Christmas!

God, would you let us rest in this Good News today? Would you transform our lives by it? Would you give us boldness to proclaim it?

Jesus, be glorified on this Christmas Day. We adore You.


© 2020