Why Christians Can Love Halloween

Maybe Halloween’s not your favorite. We’re supposed to be Christmas and Easter people, right?

But if you believe in the Gospel of Jesus, God has given you a unique opportunity on October 31.

In many ways, Halloween is a gift to Christians.

On what other day of the year do your neighbors – some who likely do not know the Good News of Jesus – literally come knocking on your door? Tonight, you can introduce yourself to the people who live around you. You can hand out the best treats on the block. You can pray for each kid who skips back down your sidewalk.

On what other day of the year is it culturally acceptable (even expected) for you and your kids to go door to door in your community? The mission field that is your neighborhood has turned on their front porch lights. They are inviting you! So shake their hands, thank them, be ready to have a friendly conversation.

On what other day of the year is our church as jam-packed full of people? Tonight, hundreds of families will walk through our parking lot and then wander through the front doors, some for the first time ever. Maybe they only come for the candy. But they’ll also encounter the people of God loving them, learning their names, and welcoming them back.

So, get a load of candy and embrace Halloween! Enjoy the mission opportunity God has given you today!

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