Your Sins Are Forgiven

Jesus spoke baffling words to the paralyzed man, the one who had been brought to Him on a mat.

“‘Take heart, my son; your sins are forgiven.’”

That’s the eight-word sentence recorded in Matthew 9. And surely some in the crowded house that day were disappointed.

What, Jesus? “Your sins are forgiven?” That’s what you want to talk about right now? Can’t you see this man is suffering? Don’t you understand why he is really here? Aren’t you the miracle worker?

But Jesus knew the man on the mat needed more than a burden lifted and a blessed day.

Jesus knew sin was enslaving this man, ruining and condemning him to eternal death and separation from God. Jesus knew this man needed much more than just working limbs. He needed a righteous heart.

I do, too.

“Your sins are forgiven” is truly the best thing Jesus can proclaim to me, too.

And even if Jesus utters nothing else to me ever, those words are enough. Aren’t they? To be pardoned by Jesus is my greatest need and my only hope.

What glorious grace that Jesus has spoken those eight words to me. It’s the Gospel sentence I must hear Him repeat day after day: “Take heart, my son; your sins are forgiven.”

© 2020