My Short Gospel Attention Span

Our 21-month-old has a short attention span.

He lives in spurts. Thirty seconds of fun with the ball, then four minutes attempting a puzzle, then two minutes pointing and saying “this, this,” to I have no idea what.

He's never satisfied for long. He always wants something else: something he can’t reach, something one of his siblings has, something he shouldn’t be playing with. It’s the toddler life.

But I’m not much different. At least when it comes to my ability to focus on Jesus. I have such a short Gospel attention span.

Rather than keep an uninterrupted gaze on Jesus, my attention is so easily diverted to lesser things. I live in spurts of distractions and to-dos. Even good things often crowd out Good News.

But what would happen if I lingered long over God’s grace? What if throughout each day, the truth of Jesus’ salvation – His rescue and resurrection of my life – had my attention? Not in spurts, but ceaselessly and completely. Good News upon more Good News!

Because when Jesus has my attention, I eventually come to know that His Good News really is all I need.

© 2020