Alive Again

Her son was dead. Ready-to-be-buried dead.

Luke 7 tells the story of a woman who had known more grief than most of us can imagine. She had already lost her husband, and when we see her on the pages of the Bible, she is on the way to the burial of her only son.

But they never make it to the tomb! Jesus sees her and loves her, and He does what only the Resurrection and the Life has the power to do. He gives this broken woman her son back. He makes him alive again!

I know a little of what it feels like to stand over the cold body of a son that I love, to have no words to pray or tears to cry.

And then to watch him open his eyes!

So believe me when I tell you that she was never the same.

Not a day went by when she didn’t remember the ache of death or revel in the joy of life. She studied and memorized every detail of his face and praised its Maker. She would never get tired of thanking God for a son who was alive again.

Because you don't get over a canceled funeral.

Father, would You remind me today and every day that this is my story too? I was ready-to-be-buried-forever dead until Jesus saw me and loved me. Let all of my days be defined by this truth: I’m alive again.

© 2020