Bible Memory Hacks

God’s Word is good. It’s good for reading. It’s good for studying. It’s good for meditating on.

And it’s good for memorizing.

If we’re honest, though, Bible memory is a challenge for many of us. We have so many reasons why internalizing God’s Word just isn’t going to happen.

But it can. And should!

Here are five Bible memory hacks that we hope might encourage you and your family to bring God’s Word from the pages of the Bible into your minds and hearts.

Memorize for today.

Yes, the verses you store up today will be invaluable for years to come. But for me, it helps to focus less on the long-term benefits of Scripture memory and more on the immediate goodness of these words.

I need God’s Word now! And so, my concern is less about warehousing verses in my brain for some day and more about allowing them to uphold me and challenge me and transform me this very day! Scripture memory becomes exciting and enticing when I begin to recognize that God will use the Bible verses I’m learning even today.

Memorize key verses and key sections.

For newcomers to Bible memory, tackling an entire book of the Bible likely is overwhelming. So, consider starting with shorter, more manageable verses and passages.

These verses and passages can come from your daily Bible study – ones that God has especially brought to your attention that day. You also could choose a list of specific sections of Scripture to memorize in addition to your ongoing Bible reading. Here are links to two excellent lists of verses to consider memorizing:,

Memorize throughout the day.

It’s not always feasible to carve out 30 minutes of your day to focus on learning a passage of Scripture. But you can take it with you.

Keep your Bible bookmarked and close by throughout the day. Write the verses in a small notebook and carry it with you. Scribble it down on the notepad at your office or at the kitchen table. Return to it frequently.

Our smartphones can be one of the best tools for memorizing Scripture. You’re probably carrying your phone with you everywhere, so why not use it to memorize the Bible throughout the day?

Personally, I have used an app simply called “Verses." The app allows you to choose the passages you want to memorize (or choose from a set of preselected verses in the “Discover” section), then offers a series of “games” intended to help you learn the verses and tracks your progress. There’s also a way to connect with others who use the app. Learn more at

Memorize out loud.

Let your Bible app read the text to you when you have quiet minutes to spare. Speak the verse over and over while you work. Our kids have learned Scripture best when the verses have been set to music. Can you sing the verse? You’ll probably not forget it!

Memorize together.

Is there someone who can memorize with you? Challenge your Sunday School class. Ask a co-worker to join you. Text the verses you’re memorizing back and forth with a friend.

Most importantly, involve your family! Invite your spouse to memorize a set of verses together. Make fun Bible memory part of the evening routine with your kids. Elevate the importance of God’s Word in your home by speaking it to one another.

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