Do You Teach the Bible to Kids? Read These Books

Teaching the Bible to children is a joyful privilege! It also can be a daunting responsibility.

Here are three books we highly recommend to anyone called to teach God’s Word to kids. These are resources we’ve handed out to Sunday School teachers, Kids Ministry and Student Ministry leaders, and parents who want to lead children to love the Bible and its Gospel message.

“Show Them Jesus,” Jack Klumpenhower

Kids don’t need more “behave better,” “try harder,” “act right” motivational Bible lessons. They need the Gospel of Jesus! That’s the point of “Show Them Jesus.”

The book equips parents and teachers in practical ways, with creative ideas and questions at the end of each chapter for how to keep the Gospel at the center of every Bible study you lead with kids. Because the Gospel alone transforms little hearts.

“We must unpack and parade before them the splendor of Jesus, the crucified and risen Christ,” Klumpenhower writes.

“Gospel-Centered Teaching,” Trevin Wax

What is the goal of teaching the Bible?

Filling kids with Bible knowledge is good. So is applying its instruction to their lives. But in this book, Trevin Wax reminds us of the most important aim of every interaction with God’s Word: putting Jesus and the Gospel on full display so we might worship Him! “It’s Jesus who changes lives, and the goal of your Bible study is to continually reintroduce people to Him.”

In a short 110 pages, this book explains why the Gospel is the most important truth we must teach (over and over and over), and also shows how the Gospel ignites a Christian’s passion for the mission of Jesus.

"The Jesus Storybook Bible,” Sally Lloyd-Jones

Yes, this is a children’s Bible – but its emphasis on the one grand Gospel story of Scripture makes it a must-read for all ages.

The Jesus Storybook Bible is more than a collection of illustrated Bible tales with a focus on heroes to be like or rules to follow. Instead, it helps Bible readers see how all the stories of Scripture tell one story, the story of God, who has a "never-stopping, never-giving-up, unbreaking, always, and forever love" for His people, and sends Jesus to rescue humanity from sin and death.

And so, beginning with creation, Lloyd-Jones moves through major (and some minor) stories of the Bible, showing how all of Scripture is centered on Jesus. "Every story whispers His name."

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