From Mission Trip to Missional

Here's what usually happens.

You go on a short-term mission trip and participate first-hand in spreading the Gospel of Jesus. You go and, trusting God to use you, you eagerly speak about Jesus. You walk through communities and pray boldly for households. You selflessly serve others for the glory of God. You witness lives being transformed by the Gospel. It’s exciting!

But then soon after you return here, the zeal you had for the mission of Jesus there somehow fades.

It happens to me, too. There’s a disconnect between what happens "on the mission field" and what happens in my zip code. For some reason, normal life sort of deflates our missionary passion. When the suitcase gets unpacked, we honestly don't think much of "missions" until it's time to go there again.

But I need more than a mission trip. I need to be missional.

The Gospel of Jesus is too good for me to keep it to myself – whether I’m on the other side of the globe or at the neighborhood park or even in my own home. When I'm compelled by the Good News, I carry it with me as I go. Someone once said that your mission field is where your feet are. It's true.

Short-term mission trips are not to blame. The Gospel work we do in other places has eternal significance! God certainly calls us to go there.

But He's placed us here, too, on purpose.

So am I intentionally meeting people, like neighbors and co-workers and the clerk at the convenience store I visit every week, prepared and even planning to turn the next conversation toward the Gospel of Jesus?

Am I praying for people by name daily who I know have not believed in the Gospel of Jesus? (Are my unsaved children on that list?)

Am I serving those around me with selfless compassion? Am I listening well so that I might respond with Gospel truth and Gospel grace?

I need more than a mission trip. I need to be missional.

© 2020