The Gospel, Always Good

Is the Gospel only One-Time Good for you?

That is, did Jesus and His salvation only matter when you first believed it? On the day you first responded to the Good News? When you consider the Gospel, do you only think of an altar call and a walk down the aisle?

The Gospel certainly requires a first-time response. But the Gospel is so much more than One-Time Good.

The Gospel must be Always Good for me.

The Gospel we received is the same Gospel “in which we stand” – it is “of first importance” (I Corinthians 15:1, 3). The deep doctrines of Scripture are all Gospel doctrines (John 5:39). The culmination of all human history is God’s glory for His Gospel (Revelation 5:9).

We don’t get Jesus and go on to some other spiritual revelation. We get Jesus and then just get more and more of Jesus.

The Gospel is the point.

And really, why would I want anything else?

So I pray, give me an ever-increasing understanding of the Gospel. Set my attention and affection on Jesus daily. Revive me today with the same Good News that regenerated my dead heart on the first day. Give me the Gospel, Always Good.

© 2021