When I Have a Big God

I would never say I have a small God. But sometimes I live like it.

I’m usually big. Self-centered, self-important, self-reliant. And in all of my big selfishness, God shrinks.

But when I have a big God – that is, when I believe He alone is central and sovereign – then little me is transformed. When I have a big God:

I cherish the Gospel. The bigger God is, the smaller I become, and the more I realize my total inability to save myself from sin and death. I am nothing. I need God to be the architect of a great salvation. And in Jesus, He accomplished what I could never do or deserve! So I cling to this Good News. It’s all that my minuscule sinful self has.

I pray with humility. God’s bigness doesn’t mean He's distant. He is enormous, but He desires to be near us. So when God is big, my words to Him are so much less about my requests. Instead, I’m redirected to thank Him, to confess that His way is always infinitely better, and to ask that I might be Christlike.

I hold the Bible in high esteem. God, invisible and unfathomable, has spoken to me – in readable words, accessible to me! When I dwell on God’s bigness, then I want to know everything He has said! When my view of God is small, I’m easily lured by lesser voices (especially my own). But when God is rightfully the most important, then His Word is paramount. When God is big, I not only read the Bible with more fervency, but I study it with a focus on God and not on me.

I increasingly trust God. When God is big, I can rest in Him. Only a big God, one who holds all things together, will suffice when life is frantic and broken. When I behold the sovereignty of God, I trust more and more that He is good and that He is at work always. A little God would fail; my always-enormous God does not.

God is indeed big. And I should keep Him that way.

© 2020