Salvation Clothes

“But put on the Lord Jesus Christ...” – Romans 13:14

I had awful fashion sense in seventh grade.

Really, for most of my teenage years, my clothing choices were laughable. JNCO-brand jeans that flared at the bottom in an ocean of denim. Baggy T-shirts with the names of obscure Christian rock bands. A bike-chain necklace. Yes, awful.

Eventually, and due in large part to my sensible wife, I exchanged all my teenage garb for clothes that actually are acceptable in public. My closet doesn't look the same, at all. A great swap occurred (and we’re all thankful for that).

The same thing (sort of) happens to me through the Gospel of Jesus.

My sinfulness is more deplorable than my adolescent wardrobe. The stench of death wafts from my unwashed, full-of-holes, hideously ugly garments of sin. It’s the only thing in my closet: a tattered array of sinful outfits.

Until Jesus hands me His salvation clothes.

On the cross, Jesus exchanged my sinful rags for His righteous robe. He, spotless and clean, donned my awful apparel. He wore my sin on the cross. And then – what grace! – He covered me with His own perfect raiment.

And though I’m so prone to return to the sinful mess I once wore, His attire is infinitely better. Without stain, never wearing out, always pressed and ready. Now, every morning, I can open the Gospel closet and “put on the Lord Jesus Christ.” I’m clothed in Him, fully acceptable to God the Father and dressed to do whatever He has prepared for me.

A great swap has occurred – and I’m so thankful for it!

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