Three Reminders That Take the Pressure Off of Missions

You are a missionary.

If you believe in the Gospel – that Jesus has saved you from sin and death – then “missionary” is now your new identity. The Good News is yours so "that you may proclaim it" (I Peter 2:9). Disciples of Jesus are missionaries for Jesus. You are a missionary!

But that’s intimidating to many of us.

Where do I do missions? What if I’m not eager to be on missions? What do I say? What happens if I am rejected?

We're unsure about missions, aren't we?

So, missionary – here are three reminders that take the pressure off of missions.

Missions is less about where you’re going and more about as you’re going.

Missions doesn’t require a passport or a packed suitcase.

Because we carry the Gospel, we are on mission every day, wherever we are, in the routine rhythms of life: our workplaces; the businesses we frequent; even our own living rooms. Can we focus less on going somewhere else to do missions and more on doing missions everywhere we go?

We still should be ready to leave everything for the sake of the Gospel (Mark 10:29). The Gospel is for the nations – and we must take it there. But you can be on mission right now, too.

The Gospel of Jesus is all you need for missions.

The Gospel is the motivation for missions. Missions flows out of a life that is gripped by the Good News of salvation! We go on mission because we must go! We cannot help but speak this Good News. The grace of God compels us.

The Gospel also is the content of missions. We don’t need any other material: Not a tear-jerker testimony or a flashy illustration. Just the Good News of Jesus, real and true. Missions is not primarily about anything other than getting the Gospel out of our mouths and into the ears of those who need it.

So, if missions is uninteresting or daunting to you, the best response is to simply redirect all of your attention to the glorious Good News that Jesus has brought you from death to life, now and forever. It’s news that is enormously proclamation-worthy. It’s all you need.

God is in charge of the outcome of missions.

Your role in missions is not to convert people. That should be a relief!

In missions, there is comfort in knowing that God has only sent us to tell the Good News of salvation; He alone will do the saving.

God will take our mumbled words, our nervousness, our inabilities – and He will work to regenerate hearts according to His will! And when people reject the Gospel you speak, don’t despair. Pray for them. And know that God is still sovereign, desiring “all people to be saved” (I Timothy 2:4).

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