The Image of the Invisible

“He is the image of the invisible God…” – Colossians 1:15

What would happen if you asked your kids to draw something invisible?

Maybe they would make an attempt, but most likely they'd be confused. Invisible things, by definition, cannot be depicted. There is no image for the invisible.

That’s why Colossians 1:15 is baffling.

God – unsearchable and unfathomable – has chosen to make Himself known to us! Jesus, the apostle Paul writes, is the image of the invisible God.

This is Good News!

God certainly could have remained unseen.

He could have considered humanity – sinful and ruined – and retreated. He could have hidden in heaven, silent. God didn’t have to give us a glimpse of Himself.

But what grace for God to make Himself visible! Our hope is bound up in this truth, that God became see-able – that we can know Him through Jesus, who is His perfect representation.

In Jesus, I see God’s unblemished holiness. In Jesus, I see God’s enormous love. In Jesus, I see God’s unimaginable power. In Jesus, I see exactly how God has purposed to save me from sin and death.

The mystery of God is fully revealed in Jesus. Jesus is God unveiled. The image of the invisible.


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