Summer Bible Readings

Genesis is arguably one of the most thrilling books in the Bible. The creation of the cosmos! The devastating ruin of sinful humanity! A flood and a massive ark! Miraculous promises! Love and jealousy and dreams and forgiveness!

Genesis is an epic Scriptural adventure. This summer, let’s study it together!

Starting this Thursday, SGBC begins a Bible reading plan through Genesis 1-36. (We will study Genesis 37-50, the life of Joseph, on Wednesday evenings this fall.) Join us as we explore this first book of the Bible, the beginning of all things, even the story of the Gospel.

Download SGBC’s Family Nights Bible Reading Guide here.

Here are some suggestions for studying Genesis as a family:

Study together.

The reading guide includes four readings each week, and each day’s reading also features a Kid Focus passage – a shorter section more suitable for young children.

Our suggestion: Parents, study the entire day’s passage before reading with your kids so you will be ready to provide any necessary background information. When you do read with your kids, study together! Ask questions about the passage, find definitions for hard-to-understand words, and pray together. Also, SGBC soon will publish a list of 10 verses from Genesis to memorize. Spend time learning Scripture as a family.

Find the Gospel.

Jesus is not absent from Genesis. The Good News that God has a plan to save humanity from sin and death is evident from the earliest chapters!

Make the goal of your Bible study this summer not just to be smarter about God's Word or even to be a better person. The aim should be to know and love Jesus more! Don’t stand up until the Gospel has been put clearly on display.

How do we find Jesus in Genesis? One way is to always ask, What is God doing in this passage? And then, follow that question with, How does the activity of God remind me of the Gospel? (For other ways to find Jesus in the Old Testament, click here.)

Attend Family Nights.

Each Wednesday night this summer, SGBC will host an hour-long family worship service (6 p.m. in the B Building). All ages will open to the book of Genesis and look corporately at a specific text from that book.

The kickoff Family Night is this week, May 24, in the B Building! Join us as we launch our summer-long series.

We challenge you: Open Genesis with your family this summer and be transformed from this ancient but oh-so-good book!

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