Easter Bible Readings

In all of human history, no event has been more important.

The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus – Easter – is the culmination of God’s cosmic plan to save humanity from sin and death. Nothing tops it. All our hope for knowing God and life eternal is found at Easter.

So, let’s read about it!

Please join us starting this Sunday, April 9, as we study through a selection of Bible passages that depict Jesus’ final days on earth. From His triumphal entry into Jerusalem to His glorious resurrection and ascension, these Scriptures tell the world’s greatest and truest story.

Pray that God would transform you and your family as you re-read the centerpiece of the Gospel. Allow the Good News to move you to worship Jesus and to join Jesus' mission of sharing the Gospel with others.

Download SGBC’s two-week Easter Bible Readings guide schedule for your family here. The reading plan includes a short passage each day, plus study questions to consider.

Let’s open our Bibles with our families this Easter season and be reminded of the Gospel!

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