Books That Help Our Family Love the Bible

The Bible is the best book in our home. Nothing replaces the actual words of Scripture. The Bible is infinitely better than any devotional book or commentary or inspirational book. It alone contains the very breathed-out words of God Himself. It’s the best book. But we’ve discovered several other books that help us love the Bible more. Books that guide us into deeper understanding of the Gospel. Books that stir our affections for Scripture and for Jesus. Below, we’ve listed a sampling that have benefited our family. (The books listed here were among those referenced at Rooted: The Bible At Home last weekend.) "The Jesus Storybook Bible,” Sally Lloyd-Jones Of all the children’s Bibles available, “The Jesus Storybook Bible” is by far our favorite. The book’s premise is that “every story whispers His name” – that is, all of Scripture is about Jesus and the Gospel! Our kids have loved hearing familiar (and sometimes less familiar) Bible stories from this book, all told with a focus on God’s plan to save sinful people through His Son, Jesus. "The Biggest Story," Kevin DeYoung “The Biggest Story” shows how all the little stories of the Bible are all telling one big story: The story of the Gospel! And so, in 10 chapters, Kevin DeYoung (who has six young children) moves from the Garden of Eden to the return of Jesus, connecting the dots of the overarching story of Scripture. It’s a refreshing reminder of what the Bible is all about. And it’s beautiful. The illustrations in this book are stunning. Gospel Transformation Bible (ESV) The Bible is less about what I do and so much more about what God has done. This study Bible keeps our focus on the Gospel. General study Bibles (like the ESV Study Bible, which is excellent) give invaluable information about the text of Scripture. But unlike many study Bibles, the notes in the Gospel Transformation Bible are all designed to point us to how the passage relates to Jesus. "Women of the Word," Jen Wilkin For Jen Wilkin, the Bible is so much more than feel-good, motivational quotes. No, the Bible (every word!) is the incredible revelation of God Himself, and so Bible study means approaching Scripture with fervent eagerness and commitment! Wilkin is writing for women, but the approach she prescribes for Bible study is good for everyone. She shows how to practically begin unpacking the text of the Bible in a way that glorifies God and makes our Bible study truly meaningful. "Habits of Grace," David Mathis The first third of this book is dedicated to the vital necessity of reading, studying, meditating on, and memorizing the Bible. David Mathis elevates Scripture; he reminds me why the Bible is so good and shows me in real-life ways how I can make it a central part of every day. Reading this book made me want to pick up my copy of the Bible and read, read, read. “Habits of Grace” also includes sections about prayer and the church.

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