What I Forget When I'm Overwhelmed

Life is a lot. It hurts a lot and costs a lot and makes me cry a lot.

Unexpected and terrible things happen. Circumstances and people and schedules pull me in more directions than I can stretch. Concerns and worries pile up and suffocate.

It’s a lot.

Right? Anybody else?

When I’m overwhelmed, I tend to be forgetful. I get focused on myself and my problems, and I forget what’s true.

I forget to pray.

This seems so silly, doesn’t it? I come to the end of a terrible, stressful day and realize that I never spoke a word to its Maker. Instead of pouring out my concerns as they come, I allow them to pile up. I’m selfish with my troubles, and I forget that Jesus wants to hear, wants to bear the load, and wants to love me.

I forget that Jesus knows.

Jesus is high and lifted up. He watches and orders my life from where He sits enthroned at His Father’s right hand.

But He didn’t always sit there.

I forget that Jesus knows what it’s like to be weary and worn out and afraid. And human.

He knows.

I forget that only God is my refuge.

When I feel broken or hurt, when I’m not strong or brave, I forget that I was not created to find solace anywhere but in Him. God holds joy and contentment and relief and rest in an outstretched hand, but I search for it in other places.

I set the people in my life up for failure when I expect them to give me what only my Father can.

I was only made to have one Rock, one Refuge.

There’s a lot of life coming at us today, friends. We might get overwhelmed. But let’s not forget.

© 2020