How to Have a Terrible Day at Church

You're not supposed to have terrible days at church.

Attending church each week ought to be a most glorious way to be refreshed by the Gospel. It should be the best day of the week!

But if you want to have a terrible Sunday, consider these tips:

Leave your Bible at home.

You’ll have a terrible Sunday if your Bible doesn’t accompany you to church. God speaks through His Word, so of course Sunday will suffer if you show up without it. Carry your Bible with you and open it with great expectation that it will be your source of grace and truth all morning long.

Skip Sunday School.

These weekly small groups are where community is formed, where deep Bible study occurs, where prayer and ministry thrive. You set yourself up to have an awful day at church if you opt out of what might just be the best hour of the week.

Don’t sing.

Sundays are good when those who have been saved by Jesus rejoice together! But a day at church is quickly ruined when you're silent, distracted, or critical during the worship service. Instead, keep your focus completely on Jesus.

Don’t pray for your pastor.

He has the great responsibility of proclaiming the truth of God’s very Word to you. Don't neglect the opportunity to pray for him. That prayer might also set your mind and heart in the right direction, too.

Stay uninvolved.

We're not supposed to be bystanders in church. The body of Christ functions most joyfully when every member is engaged. Be proactive: Read the bulletin, join a ministry, pray with someone, greet a guest. Church will be terrible if you're not really a part of it.

We hope you don't have terrible days at church. Come ready to hear Good News and leave with Good News — the Good News of Jesus, who loves the church and will keep us for eternity.

There's nothing terrible about that.

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