Five Things to Pray for Your Teenager

We love teenagers.

We know that the teenage years are certainly not the easiest. With acne and friendship drama. With homework and first jobs and driving permits. With temptations unnumbered. Teenagers are emotional; they’re distracted; they’re still figuring themselves out.

But we love them anyway.

And if there’s an adolescent living in your home, we know you love them, too. And you know, like us, that they need so much prayer as they navigate these years.

So, here are five things to pray for your teenager:

Let them know the Gospel and never get over it.

Your teenager only truly needs one thing: The Gospel of Jesus. There is no better prayer request than this. When your teenager truly believes the Gospel – that Jesus has unimaginably saved them from sin and death — and when they are every day seeking wildly after Jesus, their lives and your home and the world they influence will be transformed.

Let them love the Bible.

Pray that your teenager wouldn’t be able to go throughout the day without God’s Word opened before them. Pray that the Bible would be their most beloved possession. Your teenager isn’t too young to read the Bible; they’re not too young to study it deeply; they’re not to young to memorize it or teach it to others.

Let them flee from sin.

Whether or not they’re telling you about it, your teenager is struggling with temptation. Their peers are doing things we can’t imagine. They face a battle every day. Pray hard. Pray that sin would be repulsive to them. Pray that they would recognize temptation and that, when they encounter it, they would run away!

Let them have the right friends.

Pray that your teenager would be surrounded by a healthy mix of friends who love Jesus and friends who don’t know him. Your teenager needs both. Yes, pray that your teenager might have strong Christian friends. But pray, too, that God would put people in their life who need to hear the Gospel. Pray that they would be missionaries.

Let them be used by You.

What you might want to pray is, “God, make them successful. Protect them. Give them good grades and make them star athletes.” But instead, pray they would be used by God, no matter what that might mean. Pray that they might be available and willing to obey God wherever He leads.


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