The Best Hour of the Week

I remember flannel graph and cookies. I remember one teacher in particular, a small, white-haired lady named Annie with a worn-out Bible. I remember the buzzer that rang when it was almost time for the worship service.

From my earliest days, I learned about Jesus in a place called Sunday School. By far, those were some of the best hours I spent in church.

Sunday School is still just as good – and important – as ever. Here are three reasons we bring our kids to Sunday School:

They're learning good stuff!

Every week, Bibles are opened in Sunday School classes. Our kids are sure to be taught God’s Word intentionally and consistently in Sunday School.

Don’t underestimate the value of this solid biblical training. In Sunday School, the stories of God’s Word are unfolded before them. They're learning stories and truths with the power to change their little lives!

And they’re being taught the one overarching story of the Bible, too: the Gospel. More than just moralistic character tales, our children hear about Jesus, who wants to transform their hearts. So many of us first were introduced to our Savior in a Sunday School classroom.

They love their teachers!

Our children's Sunday School teachers are some of their favorite people. They're prayed for by name often at bedtime. They're quoted and talked about throughout the week. One of our four-year-old's favorite things to do is pretend to be Miss Ann or Miss Meagan and teach a room full of imaginary boys and girls about Jesus.

Don’t you remember some of your first Sunday School teachers? Our kids will remember theirs, too. These people are on the front lines of giving our kids a Jesus-centered worldview.

They're learning to be part of the Church!

Sunday School is where people find a home in the church. Our kids are no different.

In Sunday School, they are introduced to Biblical community. They’re given a small group environment where Jesus is talked about with enthusiasm. They have opportunities to serve and to give.

They’re not a number or a face. In Sunday School, our kids are known and loved. They belong.

Is your family involved in Sunday School? Don't let your kids miss out on the best hour of the week!

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