A Plan for Family Bible Study

You can do family Bible study.

Of course, we all want to do family Bible study. We want our kids to hear and know the Gospel of Jesus. We want to make God’s Word vital in our homes. We just haven’t started yet.

But you can do family Bible study. And it doesn’t require anything except a Bible – and a plan.

I’m learning that having a plan for family Bible study is key to actually opening the Bible and studying it with my family.

Here are three plans that might jumpstart family Bible study in your home:

Choose a book of the Bible.

One of the best ways to approach Bible study is simply to choose a book of the Bible and read through it entirely.

  • Try a Gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John) and study the life of Jesus up close.

  • Pick Genesis and watch the story of the Gospel begin.

  • Decide on a New Testament letter and read through it (maybe multiple times) seeing the Gospel and how it transforms our lives.

Choose a theme.

This might require more preparation, but it’s another worthwhile way to structure family Bible study.

  • Take your family through the seven “I Am” statements Jesus makes in the book of John.

  • Open to Galatians 5:22-23 and pore over the fruit of the Spirit.

  • Search for and read through all of the places God’s Word mentions “shepherd” or “light” or “resurrection.”

Choose a character.

Why not select a specific Bible character and spend time really getting to know them?

  • Travel with Jonah – or any other obscure minor prophet – for a while, really examining every verse of his 4-chapter story.

  • Follow one of the 12 disciples closely, reading every word he said and everything he did. Maybe Peter or Phillip or John.

  • Look for one of Paul’s companions (Barnabas or Timothy or Silas?) and trace their story through Acts and in Paul’s letters.

Do you have a plan for Bible study? Make a plan, and love God’s Word together! (For more tips about family Bible study, visit sgbc.co/familybiblestudy.)

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