Five Things I'm Praying Our Family Will Do in 2017

What will your family do in 2017?

On Sunday, we’ll wake up with 365 days of a new year awaiting us. It’s an entire empty calendar, ready to be filled.

Here are five things I'm praying our family will do in 2017.

Study the Bible together.

The Bible should be the favorite book in our house. My prayer is that we wouldn't be able to get enough of God's Word in 2017. That we would search its depths and be awed by it over and over again!

Love the church and serve it well.

Would God allow our family to be fully engaged in our church this year? Would He lead us to serve in new ways, to meet and encourage people, to be eager and ready to worship and learn every time we attend?

Be missional.

I'm praying that we would be intentional about speaking the Gospel. To a neighbor. On a mission trip. In conversations with friends.

I'm also praying that we might be missional in our own home, as parents of kids who need Jesus. Father, would you save our children?

Trust God.

The coming year will have unexpected days. Days with tragedies and opportunities and decisions.

My prayer is that each day we would rely not on ourselves – not on our best ideas or our logical solutions or our feelings – but rather that we would trust the One who knows all things and loves us immeasurably.

Look at Jesus every day.

I'm praying that Jesus would have all of our attention in 2017.

Would God put the Gospel – the Good News that Jesus has died for sin – before our family consistently? I’m praying Jesus would be big in 2017!

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