When the World is Preoccupied

The world is preoccupied.

Right now, it’s a political preoccupation. Everyone has their attention on the upcoming election. On Hillary Clinton. On Donald Trump. On how to cast their vote. On the latest scandal/accusation/rebuttal.

Politics dominates our TVs and Twitter feeds, our conversations and spare time. The world is preoccupied.

The world usually is preoccupied with something. Sports. iPhones. Gun control. Dancing celebrities. Refugees. Pokémon Go.

Unfortunately, what preoccupies the world often preoccupies Christians. We so quickly are influenced to follow the current trend. Whatever the world deems important enough to concern itself with, we follow suit without a second thought.

Before long, the worldly thing we're focused on corrupts our Christian witness. Our faith — and any chance of sharing it — becomes buried beneath our preoccupation.

  • We can't set our minds on things that are above (Colossians 3:2) because they are set on something else.

  • Our primary source is no longer the Word of God, but the blather of the internet bloggers, the commentators, and the gossips.

  • Our own words — the ones we speak out loud and the ones we post on social media — tend to be opinionated and divisive.

  • We judge others both outside and inside the church based on their views. We forfeit compassion.


Yes, we should participate in government. We ought to engage our culture. It is good and worthwhile to involve ourselves in world affairs. Believers should have a voice and a presence in a preoccupied world.

But only one thing ought to preoccupy us — the Gospel.

When the world is preoccupied, we must be careful we're not veering from Jesus. It's too easy to become entrenched in a subject that has lesser value than that of our Savior.

Jesus said, "seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness" (Matthew 6:33). Preoccupy yourself with knowing Jesus more and making Him known. Then "things of earth will grow strangely dim," the hymn writer said, "in the light of His glory and grace."

Is Jesus better to you than politics? Is He better to you than everything else the world decides to cherish or fixate on or worry about? If so, do others know that? Are you willing to set aside your preoccupation so that the Gospel might be the one thing that resounds clearly from your life? When the world is preoccupied, we have a Greater topic. We have Jesus.

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