Do Not Be Afraid

There was a mouse in our house last month. And then one more. And then one in the garage a few days ago.

I’m not handling it well.

I’m by no means the world’s bravest or toughest girl, but I’m at least not usually quite this ridiculous. My house is suddenly a danger zone, and I find myself on high alert where I never would have been before.

I’m wearing shoes when I would usually be barefoot.

I’ve never used my phone’s flashlight app so much in my life.

I stepped on a stray sock in the hallway yesterday and jumped a foot in the air.

I’m terrified, and it’s making me silly.

This is how fear works, isn’t it? Our fears consume us and make us do things we usually wouldn’t. They make us irrational. And just silly.

Fear keeps us from obeying God when His plans for our families don’t make sense.

Fear makes us think we need to rearrange our shopping habits because of who might be in the bathroom or where there was a bomb threat last week.

Fear makes us believe that our stance on who will be the next president is the most important thing about us.

Fear keeps us from loving our neighbors because they might not look or act or believe like us.

Fear makes us try to do God’s job of micromanaging our children’s activities and friends and aspirations.

But do you know what God said to Jacob when He moved His starving family to Egypt (Genesis 46:3)?

Or to Joshua as he was battling for the Promised Land (Joshua 11:6)?

Or to a boat full of disciples in a terrible storm (Matthew 14:27, Mark 6:50, John 6:20)?

"Do not be afraid."

The Bible is clear: it is not God's plan for His children to be controlled by fear. Our Good Father wants us to remember that — even in a world more full than ever of things to be afraid of — He will not let us out of His grip.

I don’t get to stop living in a world where I might get shot at Walmart, or where the next president might not be my choice, or where my children might be influenced by evil. Or where there might be a mouse in my house.

But I also don’t get to stop being a daughter of the One who has already defeated everything that I have to fear! I’m praying that I will remember that even when it feels like it, I don’t live in the darkness. I belong to the Kingdom of Light!

“Do not be afraid."

© 2020