When the Word Dwells In Me Richly

September 27, 2016

I'm not supposed to just read the Bible.


Most things I just read. I just read the text message. I just read the directions. I just read the Facebook post.


I’m not supposed to just read the Bible. No, the way I approach Scripture should be much more involved. Here’s the instruction from Colossians 3:16: "Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly."


God continues to teach me that the Bible has such great worth. It deserves to be more than just read. It should dwell in me richly.


How do I know when the Word is dwelling in me richly? Here are three good indications that I’m not just reading the Bible:


I come to the Word regularly.

When the Word dwells in me richly, I keep it close. This book is the best thing I own.


How can I go a day — sometimes multiple days — without even opening the Bible? When the Word dwells in me richly, I crave it.


I pore over it at the kitchen table, I meditate on it throughout the day, I return to it again and again. I need nothing else but this perfect Word.


I love the Word.

When the Word dwells in me richly, I open it eagerly!


The Bible is so much better than sound advice or motivational quips or dos and donts. The Bible is a grand story of supremely Good News: God has enormous love for death-bound sinners, and He made a way to save them forever! Every word tells this true and best story.


So, opening the Bible should not be a dreaded duty, but a welcome delight. The psalmist compared God's Word to sweet honey (Psalm 119:103). Deliciously satisfying. When the Word dwells in me richly, I expect it to be dripping with goodness.


I submit to the Word.

When the Word dwells in me richly, I obey it.


I can come to the Bible regularly and even enjoy it, but unless I let the Word transform me, I haven't fully allowed it to dwell in me richly.


Every letter of the Bible has been breathed out by God Himself (II Timothy 3:16), full of life for those who apply it. When the Word dwells in me richly, I humble myself under its authority. I allow it to show me my sin, to reset my affections, to inform all my decisions.



Let’s not just read the Bible. Let's immerse ourselves in it over and over. Let's rejoice in its Gospel message. Let's respond to it with glad obedience.


Is it dwelling in you richly?

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