Start Over

Our girls share a room. And a bed. There's not much more precious than seeing the two little girls I love the most snuggled in and sleeping next to each other. But the going to sleep part is not always so precious.

They laugh and talk and yell and wiggle and do everything except sleep.

And sometimes, at the end of the battle, when all of our patience has run out, a wonderful thing happens. (Not sleep yet, but that's usually the next step.)

One of them asks if they can start bedtime over.

I'm not the wisest or most awesome mom, but I know what to do with that request. I know they're tired. I want them to rest. So my answer to a bedtime do-over? Of course!

So we tuck in again. We say goodnight again. We have another goodnight kiss.

And they go to sleep!

This is what the cross does, isn't it? When I have rebelled myself into exhaustion, My Good Father reminds me that Jesus — the perfect obedient Son — made a way for me to start over.

And there is no better rest than that.

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