First Day of School Prayers

Our oldest daughter starts Kindergarten today. Holy moly.

This day is striking me as much more momentous than I thought it would. She’s a real person doing a real thing. All. By. Herself.

It’s a big day. So I’m praying big prayers for her this morning.

Would you join me in praying these things for your kids as they begin school today too?

Give her friends who know You.

Teach her about Your church. Give her friends to talk about Jesus with. Show her the joy of loving and being loved by Your people.

Give her friends who don’t know You.

Teach her to be a missionary! Give her a heart of compassion for children who need to know Who she knows. Teach her starting now how to make strategic and real friendships for the sake of Your Kingdom.

Teach her about your presence.

I won't be with her today. Today she will meet people who I have not pre-screened or prepared her for. She might feel nervous or confused or lonely.

And I won't be there.

So please please, Jesus, remind her that You are.

Give her a humble heart.

Begin even now to establish in her little heart the truth that You are more important than she is, that Your Gospel matters more than her success or achievements. This is a lesson that will take her whole life to learn, but would You start today?

Our hearts are full of expectation today as we think about what God will do with our kids. Because He has big plans — not just for someday, but for this day.

What else are you praying for your kids today?

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