The Bible is Good Enough

Summer is almost over, friends.

Whether that is good or bad news in your house, it means one thing for sure.

Routine. Schedule. (At least a little) predictability.

As you get ready to adjust to a fall routine, would you do something with us? Would you begin now to pray and plan that the Bible would take a central place in your family's schedule?

Pray that God would remind you of the goodness of His Word and give you an unending thirst for it.

Because the Bible is good. So so good.

It is good enough to wake us up early. Good enough to keep us up late. Good enough to be the main conversation topic at our supper tables – or to be the reason we sit around a table at all. Good enough to be memorized and meditated on and spoken about on repeat in our homes. Good enough for when we sit and when we walk and when we lie down and when we rise.

Next week's blog will include some tips for studying the Bible with your family, so stay tuned.

But until then, pray! Pray that the Word would be would be loved and studied and known in your homes this year.

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