Worse and Better

I'm worse than I think I am. And Jesus is better than I think He is.

When I see the Gospel clearly — which I must every day! — it puts me in my place, reminding me of these huge truths: I'm worse than I think, and He is so much better.

I'm not aimlessly wandering away from God; I've intentionally hiked to death and destruction. (Romans 3:10-12.)

Jesus trekked to the uttermost to find me and bring me home.

I'm not just sinking in my sin, but I'm cold dead under the water. (Ephesians 2:1-2.)

Jesus plunged to the depths to resurrect me.

I'm not standing on the sidelines, wavering between good and bad. Because of my sin, I stand in firm opposition to my perfect Creator, fists raised. (Colossians 1:21.)

Jesus arrived as the great Peacemaker, reconciling me to God.

I'm not mostly or even somewhat a good person; even my best efforts are worthless. (Isaiah 64:6.)

Jesus lived perfectly, and He offers me His righteousness.

I'm worse than I think I am. Jesus is better than I think He is. I need to remind myself of this Gospel every day!