How to Pray for Your Kid at Church Camp

We love church camp! Amazing things can happen in the lives of kids as they spend a week learning about Jesus!

Consider praying these things for your kids as they go to camp:

Pray that they will remember the main thing.

Camp is fun! Your kids will be having adventures and playing games and making friends. But pray that time spent learning about Jesus would be the most important part of each day. Ask God to help them focus and give them energy during Bible study and worship times.

Pray that they won’t be confused by emotions.

The camp mountaintop struggle is real. It’s so easy for kids to get hyped up on the emotion that they feel at camp and then come home and crash land.

When we take kids to camp, we try to help them articulate not just what they feel but what God wants them to do. Pray this for your kids.

Pray that they will fall in love with God’s Word.

I have found myself asking this question at camp many times: "Do you know why God speaks to you at camp but it feels like He doesn’t at home? Because your Bible has been open ten times today!"

Pray that your kids would learn to love the Bible — and that they would come home wanting to make it part of their lives every day!

Pray specifically for life change.

You know your kids best. So pray that Jesus would change their hearts in specific ways. Pray that He would convict them of sins you see them struggling with, that He would give them peace where you know they’re worried, and that He would draw them to Himself.