Every-Day Prayers

Praying is hard. Harder than it should be for me. The God of Creation has made it possible for me to speak directly to Him at any moment with all of my thoughts and joys and concerns, but too often I fail.

God has been teaching me about prayer, and — with His help — I’m trying to be faithful. Here are five things He is teaching me to pray every day:

Remind me of the Gospel.

There is nothing I need more than the Gospel. I need to constantly ask God to remind me that I am wrecked and needy and gloriously saved by Jesus. If I would pray this and then allow God’s Spirit to preach the Good News to me all day, everything else would fall completely into place. Because this Story centers everything.

Remind my spouse of the Gospel.

There are so many prayers I could — and should — pray for my husband. Give him strength and patience and courage. Bless his interactions and conversations. Help him to know how to lead our family.

But what my husband needs most today is to not be able to peel his eyes from Jesus.

Save my children.

I am increasingly aware of the need for this prayer the older my oldest gets. The mechanics of the Gospel are all in her head, but only He can put salvation in her heart. So would You, Jesus? Would You make her want to know You? Would You save my children?

Thank You for the Bible.

God’s Word is the best thing I’ve got. I need to make a habit of acknowledging that truth to its Author every day. And as I am thankful, He will move me to study.


Just yes. Whatever You ask, wherever You send, yes. Yes.

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