The Best Storyteller

God is the best storyteller.

God has written for us a book – the Bible – filled with some of the most amazing tales, unmatched in epic awesomeness!

And for the next three months, families at SGBC will study some of the most thrilling of God’s stories – those contained in the narratives of biblical prophets.

Seek, SGBC's Wednesday night Bible program for families, resumes tomorrow with a series called “God’s Messengers."

Every week will be an adventure, as preschoolers through parents study scenes from the lives of God’s chosen spokespeople, His prophets. We’ll read of fire blazing from heaven, skeletons made alive again, a human-swallowing fish, an invisible army, and more.

And throughout the study, we’ll be reminded of two truths about our storytelling God: 

God’s stories are all true. 

There are no myths here. No legends or fables. Though the plot lines of some of these stories we will study might seem far-fetched or unlikely, they are all historically true and reliable. God’s tales are true tales, which makes them all the more exhilarating.

God’s stories all connect to the greatest story.

The stories of the prophets are impressive on their own. But God didn’t write these stories as stand-alone narratives. They all find their ultimate The End in the person and work of Jesus, God’s Son!

And so, each week at Seek we will aim to teach how these great stories point us to the greatest story, the Gospel of Jesus. The main point of God’s stories is not to entertain or inspire or even to instruct. Ultimately, we study them so we can see God, who loves sinners and saves them by the death and resurrection of Jesus. That’s the Good News we need every week!

Join us starting tomorrow night as we hear stories by the Best Storyteller! Learn more at


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