Headlines and Text Messages

There’s headline news and there's text message news.

Usually, I think about the Good News of Jesus as headline news – and it is! The Gospel is a historic, grand-scale, intended-for-the-masses announcement: God loves and saves sinners through His Son, Jesus. It’s the true report that divine human, Jesus, died as a substitute for people and then came back to life bodily. It’s news for all, good for the entire world to hear and believe. Headline news.

The story of the Gospel is big.

But the Gospel of Jesus is also text message news.

There’s a difference. Headline news may be true and important. But headline news can be disconnected from our lives. We read it and move on. We might agree with its content and even share it with someone else, but headline news typically doesn’t tend to make any profound impact on our lives.

But the Gospel is also text message news.

You’ve received text message news before. It's the “Hey, I’ve got something to tell you” that zips its way to us directly from someone we know. Text message news is intentional news. It’s news written just for us, and so it has our attention. It’s news we’re invited to respond to.

I’m learning that I need the Gospel to be text message news for me.

Headlines and text messages both communicate – they can even communicate the exact same thing. But we read text messages differently than we read headline news. Unlike headline news, text message news is personal. 

The Gospel is text message news. The work of God through Jesus is intentionally personal. The Gospel is for me. God has set His love on my messy, rebellious, corrupt self. He knows me, and His Good News comes directly to me. “Hey, I’ve got something to tell you: You are dead in sin, but I can make you alive forever." This Good News God sends invites a response and a relationship. The Gospel isn’t just “out there” – it’s here. And it would have all of my attention so that I would be completely rearranged by it.

The news our God has is immense, but it’s also individual. It’s massive, but it's also mine. The Gospel is grand, but it’s also good. It’s headline news, and it’s text message news. 


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