Children's Camp 2018

Sermons about sheep! Late-night snow cones and floats and sundaes! Adventure ropes courses! Music! Crafts! (And did we mention sheep?)

Children’s Camp last week was packed with greatness!

This year, 10 kids spent three nights at Children’s Camp, and seven kids joined us for Day Camp. (Here are photos from last week’s camps.)

The camp’s theme centered on sheep and shepherds. More specifically, how people are like sheep and how Jesus is the Good Shepherd! Kids studied from Psalm 23 and John 10, focusing on knowing, trusting, and following Jesus.

We asked a few campers to tell us their observations about this year’s camp, and here are some of their responses.

What was the most exciting thing you learned from Bible Study at Children’s Camp?

“God was telling me to listen to Him with my heart and not just with my ears.”

Aiden Crandall, second grade

“I learned that the Good Shepherd is always with the sheep. I know that God is always with me, and I need to know His voice.”

Dawson Hall, third grade

“The most exciting thing that I learned is that sheep have one job, and that job is to follow the Shepherd. He is the only Good Shepherd.”

– Reese Dindinger, fifth grade

How did God speak to you at camp about following Him more closely?

“God spoke to me about following Him. And I know people who do not follow Him. I want to go tell others so they are not lost sheep.” 

Brecken Hall, sixth grade

“My life was transformed when I learned that Jesus can be shown through everything you do in life.”

Rhease Wells, fifth grade

“My Bible study time will be better because of the five helpful tips we learned.”

 – Allison George, fifth grade

Why is camp important to you?

“It’s extra time to connect with God and with those who teach us about God, like our leaders. My favorite thing is getting to bond with everyone.”

– Aiden Crandall, second grade

“Camp is important to me because we learn more about the Gospel and have fun with games.”

– J.T. Murrah, fourth grade

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