A Tuesday Morning Prayer

Good morning, God. 

It’s just a regular Tuesday, but would You remind me that You are Lord and Author of every second of it? Will you open my eyes today?

Open my eyes to Your Gospel. Would You make nothing more beautiful or thought-consuming to me than the story of Jesus and His Work for me? Set all of my attention and affections on Him.

Open my eyes to Your Word. Will you thrill me with the miracle of my Bible as I open it this morning and then fill every empty minute with thoughts of it as I go throughout this day? 

Open my eyes to my sin. Without you, I am broken and bent toward selfishness and pride and hate. Make me quick to see it and quick to repent. 

Open my eyes to Your presence. Will you help me see that Your Spirit - Your very self - is powerfully present and at work in and around me?

I love You and trust You with this Tuesday.

In the name of Your Son, the eye-opening Jesus, Amen.


© 2020