Pastors and Staff

Mike Martin, Senior Pastor

Mike Martin was called to SGBC as Senior Pastor in December 2013. He has served alongside his wife, Carla, in churches in Texas, Washington, and Idaho for 35 years. Mike and Carla have three children: Andrew, Sarah, and Elizabeth.

Casey Flynt, Worship/Student Pastor

Casey Flynt joined SGBC's staff in March 2018 as the Worship Pastor. Casey leads SGBC's Sunday morning worship services as music leader and choir director of the worship and senior adult choirs. Casey also leads our student ministry for grades 6-12 and oversees the church's media and technology. He and his wife, Jaci, have one son (Kieran) and one daughter (Ellie).

Austin Hicks, Children's Pastor

Austin Hicks was named SGBC's Children's Pastor in March 2020. As Children's Pastor, he provides leadership to SGBC's growing Children's Department. Austin and his wife, Lizzy, are long-time members of SGBC, and they have served in the youth, children, and pre-school departments for many years. They have two children, Zayden and Shawn. 

Kent Jackson, Church Administrator

Kent joined SGBC's staff in February of 2020 and is responsible for assisting the Senior Pastor in administering the business affairs of the Church, including financial management, property management, and security.  Kent is a retired banker.  He and his wife, Sheri, are members of SGBC and have three grown kids and five grandchildren.

Myrna Robertson, Financial Secretary

Myrna serves as SGBC's financial secretary, managing the church's contributions and accounts payable. She also assists in various ways with church ministries and is the church organist. Myrna and her husband, Carl, are longtime members of SGBC. 

Rhonda Stephenson, Ministry Assistant

Rhonda joined SGBC's staff in May 2016. Rhonda assists with various clerical duties in the church office. She also is a Sunday School teacher with her husband, David, and has served as the director for SGBC's annual Vacation Bible School in 2015 and 2016. The Stephensons are longtime members of SGBC.

Lizzy Hicks, Ministry Assistant

Lizzy Hicks joined the SGBC staff as a Ministry Assistant in August of 2019. She leads the preschool department and provides assistance with the children and youth departments at SGBC, where she and her husband, Austin, are long-time members. They have two children, Zayden and Shawn. 

Karen Wells, Chaplain

Karen Wells serves as SGBC’s chaplain, ministering to our homebound population, those in the hospital and in care facilities. Her responsibilities also include ministering to those in grief both during the time of a funeral and the journey that follows. Karen is single and has been a long-time member of SGBC.

Billy Touchstone, Maintenance Associate

Billy joined SGBC's staff in June 2016. Billy oversees and manages day-to-day facility maintenance issues, caring for the church building and grounds. He and his wife, Shelia, are longtime members of SGBC. They have two children.

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