Pastors and Staff

Mike Martin, Senior Pastor

Mike Martin was called to SGBC as Senior Pastor in December 2013. He has served alongside his wife, Carla, in churches in Texas, Washington, and Idaho for 35 years. Mike and Carla have three children: Andrew, Sarah, and Elizabeth.

Bruce Cotgreave, Church Administrator and Discipleship Pastor

Bruce Cotgreave joined SGBC's staff as Church Administrator and Discipleship Pastor in February 2017. As church administrator, Bruce oversees SGBC’s business affairs, including management of the church office and church finances. As discipleship pastor, Bruce leads in areas of Sunday School, Bible studies, and leader training. Bruce and his wife, Cindy, joined SGBC in 2007. They have two daughters.

Casey Flynt, Worship Pastor

Casey Flynt joined SGBC's staff in March 2018 as the Worship Pastor. Casey leads SGBC's Sunday morning worship services as music leader and choir director of the worship and senior adult choirs, and oversees the church's media and technology. He and his wife, Jaci, have one son (Kieran) and one daughter (Ellie).

Marcus Wilson, Family Pastor

Marcus Wilson was named SGBC's Associate Family Pastor in September 2019 and transitioned to Family Pastor in May 2019  As Family Pastor, Marcus provides pastoral oversight and leadership to the church's preschool, children, student, young adult, and parent ministries.  Marcus and his wife Meagan joined SGBC in 2017 and had their first child, Augustine Luke (Augie), in December of 2018.   

Brad Newman, Church Planting Pastor

Brad first joined the SGBC pastoral staff as Student Minister in April 2011, after which he was named Family Pastor in March 2015. As of May 2019, Brad has transferred into the role of Church Planting Pastor for SGBC's first church plant, Tradewind Community Church.  He and his wife, Sarah, have two daughters (Lydia and Chloe) and three sons (Jude, and twins Silas and Micah).

Jonathan Dindinger, Associate Church Planting Pastor

Jonathan Dindinger joined SGBC's staff as Community Outreach Pastor in June 2018 and is  transitioning into a role of Associate Church Planting Pastor as of May 2019 for SGBC's first church plant, Tradewind Community Church. Jonathan currently oversees SGBC’s and TCC's neighborhood events and evangelism efforts.  Jonathan and his wife, Kami, joined the church in November 2007. They have three children, two boys (Gavin and Nathan) and one girl (Reese).

Debbie Dempsey, Executive Secretary

Debbie joined SGBC's staff in December 2015. She is the friendly voice that answers SGBC's phone when you call. Debbie updates and organizes the church's calendar and prepares the daily prayer email and weekly prayer list. She is here to help in any way possible! Debbie and her husband, Ed, have two daughters.

Myrna Robertson, Financial Secretary

Myrna serves as SGBC's financial secretary, managing the church's contributions and accounts payable. She also assists in various ways with church ministries and is the church organist. Myrna and her husband, Carl, are longtime members of SGBC. 

Kami Dindinger, Ministry Assistant

Kami joined SGBC's staff in May 2015. She assists with planning ministry opportunities, purchasing, and publicity, as well as assisting all of SGBC's ministry teams. Kami and her husband, Jonathan, are longtime members of SGBC. They teach SGBC's Young Adult Sunday School class (ages 18-24) and are involved in a variety of other areas. The Dindingers have three children.

Rhonda Stephenson, Ministry Assistant

Rhonda joined SGBC's staff in May 2016. Rhonda assists with various clerical duties in the church office. She also is a Sunday School teacher with her husband, David, and has served as the director for SGBC's annual Vacation Bible School in 2015 and 2016. The Stephensons are longtime members of SGBC.

Billy Touchstone, Maintenance Associate

Billy joined SGBC's staff in June 2016. Billy oversees and manages day-to-day facility maintenance issues, caring for the church building and grounds. He and his wife, Shelia, are longtime members of SGBC. They have two children.

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