Church Planting

SGBC has unanimously approved the launching of a new church in the Tradewind neighborhood of Amarillo.

Tradewind Community Church is set to begin weekly worship services in September 2019.

Learn more about SGBC's church planting endeavor – and how you can be involved! – below.

SGBC Senior Pastor Mike Martin preached a sermon on December 16, 2018, concerning SGBC's church planting endeavors.

In it, he details SGBC's story that led SGBC to become a church-planting church.

He also gives ways to pray and be involved in church planting.

Listen to the 30-minute-long message below.  

Church Planting: A Message

Q&A Session

SGBC hosted a question-and-answer session concerning SGBC’s church planting initiative on August 12.

Listen to the question-and-answer session below.



Launching new churches in unreached parts of the city is one of the most effective ways

– and the biblical model – to fulfill the mission of Jesus.

Read a blog post here by SGBC Senior Pastor Mike Martin about why church planting matters!




TCC will launch weekly worship services on September 8, 2019, in the cafetorium of Tradewind Elementary School, 4300 S. Williams St. in Amarillo.


Visit the Tradewind Community Church website,, to learn more about the new church, including dates for Easter and summer preview services and community outreach events.

Interested in church planting? Here are some ways to be involved with Tradewind Community Church:

  • Pray. A weeklong prayer walking emphasis in the Tradewind neighborhood is planned during Spring Break 2019.
    Here are specific requests.

  • Attend a discipleship class at SGBC beginning in mid-February about church planting and missional living.

  • Go on a short-term mission trip with Tradewind Community Church, including to TCC's first public community event,  the Community Easter Festival on Saturday, April 20, 2019!

How to be Involved