Church Planting

SGBC is a church planting church! Tradewind Community Church held their first service in September 2019 and continues to meet weekly.

Brad Newman


Jonathan Dindinger

Associate Pastor

Phil Curtis

Worship Pastor

Kami Dindinger

Administrative Assistant



Launching new churches in unreached parts of the city is one of the most effective ways

– and the biblical model – to fulfill the mission of Jesus.




TCC launched weekly worship services on September 8, 2019, in the cafetorium of Tradewind Elementary School, 4300 S. Williams St. in Amarillo.

Visit the Tradewind Community Church website,, to learn more about the new church, including dates for Easter and summer preview services and community outreach events.

Interested in church planting? Here are some ways to be involved with Tradewind Community Church:

  • Pray. Church planting begins and ends with prayer. Please pray that God will continue to use SGBC and TCC together in a mighty way as they share the gospel with our city.

  • Get involved with pre-service set-up and post-service tear down. TCC is a mobile church who packs all their equipment in and out every week. This takes a group of wonderful and dedicated volunteers.

  • Tell others about TCC! 

How to be Involved